Brightstone Overseas Manufacturers and exporters of Leather products and Knitwear, was established in 1996 to meet the growing need for high quality leather products. Since then it has gradually become a leader in the production of top quality products for a wide range of applications. Brightstone Overseas Group has been tanning leather for 24 years and has been involved in making leather for 20 years. Beginning with Industrial gloves, Brightstone Overseas Group later expanded its offerings to the retail markets with Fashion and Sports products. Over the past decade, nationally and internationally recognized levels of quality have been achieved.The whole leather tanning process is specially controlled using advanced technology to ensure the minimum environmental impact.Quality and attention are key to the production process at Brightstone Overseas. As soon as the leather arrives, it has to undergo a variety of tests in our laboratory so that it can be properly adapted to the requirements of each customer.The whole process, from the cutting to the making up of the finished product, is meticulously controlled, so as to achieve and maintain the exceptional quality for which we are justly famed.Quality and Service are always a priority at   Brightstone Overseas . We have never lost sight of the personal attention each individual customer deserves. We offer excellent service with the most competitive pricing. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will be delighted to answer any questions regarding our products.